Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My First Blog

Been meaning to set up a food blog ever since I left Cuisine magazine and now the opportunity has presented itself. Godson Jett ( has spurred me to set up this blogsite. Have been eating out lots this week. Last night the Country Women's Institute (of which I'm honarary member) convened at Ortolana on Britomart. Four of us ordered the Market Fish (John Dory) with Couscous and Garden Harvest. Our servings were not worthy of mains, they were entree-sized and all the sides were miniscule. On seeing the size of the same dish being served to other diners later in the evening, there was a current of discontent in our group. I brought this to the attention of the maitre'd who dealt to it with aplomb. This is not the first time that we have encountered this at Ortolana. The Beetroot, Cumin, Feta, Hazelnuts, Lasagnotte dish shrank to half the size on the second visit.

Had to entertain Jett for the day as it's school holidays. I took him to Al Brown's Big Ugly at City Depot. Angelo showed us how the bagels were made. Fascinating! Al Brown took Angelo to Montreal to learn how these bagels should be made. They are certainly not as doughy and chewy as the New York ones. As it was rainy we took our bagels and had them with a perfectly brewed cuppa at T2 across the road. First time I had seen a 3-timer, one minute, 3 minutes and 5 minutes. Perfectly brewed tea as per the brewing time specified.

Next destination was St Heliers Bay Cafe & Bistro. The service is still as sharp 
as ever though what I had (Free Range Poached Chicken Salad, Pancetta, Green Beans, Anchovy & Parmesan) failed to impress. So we repaired to watch The Croods with a theatre full of young ones and adult minders. We sat on the front row. Thank God it wasn't a 3D session! It will have been too much of a battering for us and all the very young ones. Enjoyed the film, pretended I was a young one too!

We had our usual chicken wantan with kway tiaw soup at Sri Pinang to round the day off. Hanging out with the young makes you feel young!

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