Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cactus Blooms

There it is, this cactus that's as old as the day I started work, buffeted by all the weather elements as it sits on the exposed balcony. Maybe it likes the sea air or the constant heat from the all day sun. So far this year it has bloomed four times, the first bloom of the year was on Chinese New Year. A good portent in my gap year, I hope. The bloom starts opening at 10pm as the day gets cooler. By 2am. it will be at its optimum. When I get to photograph it just after dawn when the sun is starting to peek, it's just starting to close up and by 8.30am, it will have be half-closed. By mid-morning, it's closed up again, its glory done.

But I do have a series of photographs. I normally use Hipstamatic, Instagram or the trusty Lumix. No big SLR for me. Maybe I will when I get one and move the images off it's grass-roots rough as guts App on the iPhone.

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