Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ponsonby Central turns One

YES, hard to imagine that a year ago The Blue Breeze Inn was just being planned. Andy Davies' dream of Ponsonby Central was officially opened on 10 November 2012. A year on, there was a celebration in the Sapphire Room (upstairs). Kit Perera (of Kit’s Kitchen) catered for the function and the following is a a selection of the Sri Lankan food served.
We celebrate the establishment and success of the food outlets and other stores at Ponsonby Central including: The Blue Breeze Inn, Tokyo Club, Jimmy The Fish, Meldito Mendez
Cafes: Eighthirty, Toru, Foxtrot Parlour
Food: Ceres Fresh Market, The Dairy
Services: Duct Tape Workshop (We Repair Anything Digital)

v The Sapphire Room, Ponsonby Central upstairs; Pan-fried King Prawns

v Pan-fried King Prawns with Sweet Chilli. Lime & Coriander

v Savoury Doughnuts with Coconut Chutney
v Aubergine Pahi with Okra & Shallots; Tandoori Chicken Sliders with Lime & Coriander Slaw

v Baked Monkfish with Chilli Caper Tartar; Goat Ceylon (served with Coconut Sambal
& Godamba Roti)

v Lamb Pan Rolls with Tangy Mint Yoghurt