Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Spring Rolls

YIN CHIEH (whom we all have affectionately called Aunty KK) sat down at the table during a late lunch and started making her famous spring rolls. I knew they were the best and watching her expertly make one after another with love and care, I realise why she has always sent some out as entrees.
   The skin is the Kulit Popiah from KG Pastry, made in Malaysia. The filling is a mixture of finely julienned cabbage, dried Chinese mushroom, carrot and chopped parsley stalks. With the basic salt and pepper seasoning and drizzled with oil this slaw mix does not have any garlic or onion, a Buddhist practice.
   The spring roll parcel is sealed with a liquid mix of flour. Yin Chieh makes around 80 spring rolls every 2 days. That’s a lot of hand-made spring rolls  but it’s easy to see know popular they are as entrees. There’s nothing more delicious than having freshly made spring rolls, with a sweet chilli dipping sauce.
   Start every meal at KK Malaysian with Spring Rolls. No better way!
KK Malaysian
463 Manukau Road
09 630 3555

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Westhaven In The Mist

WHEN THE FOG rolls in, the Waitemata Harbour turns ethereal. It’s my favourite time to go for a walk, sans dog. The fog over the weekend was more like a mist, ideal for an arty photo essay. It was thick enough to hold up and delay the Prime Minister’s flight to Rotorua to drum up more votes for this weekend’s General Elections 2014.
   On this side of the Bridge, there’s a stretch along the foreshore where the Harbour Board allows fishermen and anglers to cast their line. As the tide was coming in, there were already a handful of recreational souls trying their luck this early morning at 8am. Nestled under the Bridge approach is the Auckland Bridge Climb and Bungy.
   The Westhaven Marina is stunning. On this misty morning, the water is very still and the reflections of the myriad of yachts mirror-like. This area is home to the Royal New Zealand Yacht Club. I remember when New Zealand held the Americas Cup, we had functions there where the Auld  Mug was proudly displayed (incidentally damaged in a sledgehammer attack in 1997).

   The area is also home to the Richmond Yacht Club and the small but perfectly formed Victoria Cruising Club. This morning, the Royal New Zealand flag was being raised and Marina buntings were flapping in the breeze that was building up. A couple were going through their waltz moves in the carpark. Waltzing in the mist, so to speak.