Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Garden of Eden

So much has been said of Ortolana that it will be superfluous for me to match such eloquence. Suffice to say it's one of Auckland's shining stars in the dining scene. Top Ten on Metro's list of Best Restaurants of the Year 2013, runner-up Best Casual Bistro, runner-up Best new Restaurant. Scott Brown and Jackie Grant of Hip Group have done it again, with head chef Jo Pearson and serving staff who how how to keep everyone happy and looked after. Round up the evening with chocolates, gelato or other sweet temptations from Milse.

Why let the photos taken on our many visits to Ortolana languish in a digital photo folder? Subscribing to their Garden to Table philosophy, a lot of the the greens, micro-greens, herbs and vegetables come from the farm out in Kumeu.
A veritable Garden of Eden.

31 Tyler Street

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