Saturday, July 13, 2013


ILLUMINATE was unleashed overnight at Chan Andreassend Studios, the first production of the Arts Menagerie. The group launches its first exhibition with the question: 'Who are you? How would you express the artist within you as an illuminated artwork?'
The artists have answered this called with light shows of many divervse origins and approach, the results of some of which are shown in this photo montage.

✪ Threads by Ronald Andreassend, a personal image show of family history projected onto a large white paper lantern (from Wah Lee)
✪ Front sign post ✪ Smoking Kills by FarZah Zamani

✪ Untitled by Jude Nye (foreground) ✪ Augenblick by Nils Blumreiter ✪ Art Menagerie group installion at the entrance
✪ Flowers, installation by Didier Ng ✪ String in Black Light Study by Sinn-Mae Chung ✪ Lanterns by Neha Malhotra

The Arts Menagerie is a collaborative initiative with a diverse collection of committed creatives, artists, collaborators, brain stormers, and experimenters who are passionate about expressing creativity through an assortment of avenues.

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